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HOW ARE LANGUAGE CONVENTIONS CREATED? This book addresses the dynamic interplay between creativity and continuity in communication. Though conventionalisation is essential to any understanding of the foundation of interaction and language, thus far it has not been the subject of any substantial collective effort. New research presented here seeks to redress this. An introductory chapter […]

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DEFENDING THE FREEDOMS OF FUNDAMENTAL RESEARCH Review by Jack H. Kaplan in The Physiologist: “Jens Christian Skou emerges as a humanitarian scientist and physician who has been a truly influential presence in physiology and biophysics. He has been driven by curiosity and the desire to do good. As someone who is familiar with this field […]

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TEKNOLOGIERS LÆRINGSKRAV Kan teknologi og faglighed skilles ad? Ikke ifølge forskerne her. Lærere, sygeplejersker og andre professionelle får nu en anskuelig model til at forstå og håndtere læreprocesser foranlediget af nye teknologier. Modellen er et nyttigt analyseredskab, hvad enten man står over for en iPad, Det Fælles Medicinkort, interaktive tavler, PDA’er, den nye CT-scanner, en […]

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